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Making a great friend can be one of the best and most rewarding things in life. But today's social media apps make it near impossible to find one.

There are many reasons why. But the most fundamental one is social media apps are designed for "engagement" to get you to click on ads – not to help you meet people.

In most social media apps, you have the "follower". Person A follows person B. Person B follows person C. Makes sense, right?

But following is a one-way street. One side shows off, other side likes and thumbs up. You're not there to make deep conversations – you're there to entertain or be entertained.

Reevaluating how people make friends

What normally makes finding friends easier? Ironically, it's when a group of people are "stuck" together for a long period of time!

Think about the first friends in your life. Were you actively trying to make friends? Likely not! It just happened naturally because you were around the same people every day.

It's simple: When people take the time to sit down and talk to each other regularly, they get the actual chance to discover someone they didn't know before. Someone they suprisingly get along and have fun around.

Someone they love hanging out with.

Gumdrop is the Future

Gumdrop helps you find great people you love by taking a fresh approach to a tried and true concept:

Social gatherings. Online. Asynchronous. Voice-only. Automatically grouped.

Making friends has never been more convenient. Relax, chat, and let the magic happen.