Open Positions

Open Source Developer Intern

Learn real-world development by working on an open source project! Benefits include:

  • Gain experience in leading industry technologies, including Node.js, Express, React.js, databases, and security.
  • Get mentored by a software engineer with over 10 years of experience.
  • Learn and use best practices for these technologies.
  • Apply UX principles in making software usable by non-technical people.
  • Optionally practice your design chops by building UI that matches the look and feel of the existing design.

Due to its public visibility, working on open source is ideal for adding to your portfolio for future job seeking.

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UT Austin Brand Ambassador

Become a brand ambassador @ UT Austin!

Gumdrop is a refreshing connection app that helps students to “Meet People they Love Being With” @ UT Austin. Help offer students a new and genuine way of making friends. Get real-world experience on team management / creative startup marketing and be part of this new movement!

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Social Media marketing manager

Learn real-world social media marketing by working on a social media expansion project! Benefits include:

  • Gain experience in marketing strategies, including social media challenge, data analysis, social media giveaway, traffic conversion.
  • Be in a team of experienced college marketers.
  • Learn how to use different strategies for different scenarios.
  • Apply data analytics to grow social media following.
  • Understand how to convert social media traffic to users (ig. user acquisition)
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